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Only spectacular, investment quality fossil Megalodon teeth 5” or larger – 100% natural with NO repairs or restoration.

We present only investment quality Megalodon teeth; those considered to be among the finest, largest and rarest on the planet – 100% natural with NO repairs or restoration. Every exquisite specimen is both massive, measuring in excess of 5 inches (a rarity) and, additionally, has been preserved in pristine condition – an exceptionally rare combination! (The “How to determine quality” page helps to illustrate the spectacular quality of every specimen below). Presented on a stunning high gloss acrylic and brass stand, each glistening specimen showcases as an elegant centerpiece to rival any sculpture in the home or office. An impeccable gift for the person who seems to have everything, a mind-blowing treat for yourself or an impressive display for your museum or store.                                   Wholesale inquiries: use “contact” for terms and rates

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Investment Megalodons Logo

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